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Voice for Choice Nepal

Save Ishan Kafle

Voice For Choice Nepal had initiated a campaign to save a  nine years old child "Ishan Kafle " who was suffering from kidney failure .The  family was lacking fund as well as support .So ,web planned to collect fund from local school so that it not only save Ishan Kafle but also it will start a mutual co-operation among the school whenever any students of that locality will have the similar types of problems.


Major Steps 


Step 1.

We provided notice to all the schools of that locality.


Step 2.

We collected the funds from the students and the teachers.


Step 3.

We provided the collected fund of seventy four thousand five hundred and forty rupees to the victim's mother from the president of our organization Mr. Yubaraj Timalsina.


Analyzing And Monitoring :

This campaign was just a start .This will create the environment that if any student of that locality have similar types of problem they can co-operate with each other and we were also capable to provide a small support to the victim’s family too.


Event Location
  • Kathmandu
  • 15-02-2018

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