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Voice for Choice Nepal

Rural Education Campaign kavre

Voice For Choice Nepal had been to rural part of Kavrepalanchowk district to study and research about the situation of education there .From our three days walk up to the hills, we reached the village named Khanikhola. After the two days survey we found lots of problems there. They are listed below.


Problems in education


1. The school had only three rooms however the school is running classes from 1-5 .

2. Teachers were not present in the school at school time also.

3. School administration was taking tuition fee from the students which was against the education act.

4. The building was damaged badly by the earthquake under which the students have to study which is so risky.


Major Steps;


Step 1;

We went to district education office to get permission to have the research.


Step 2.

We walked two days up to the hills and reached there.


Step 3.

We had done survey and research in two schools.


Step 4.

We went to all the local community and interviewed with all peoples.


Step 5;

We returned back and submitted the report to District Education Office and also we requested to solve the problems.


Analyzing and Monitoring


After the campaign, we come to know that there are lots of problems in sector of education there in rural places. Due to lack of equipment’s and technology as well as funding, we cannot march forward to that place but we give information to the related authority.



Event Location
  • Khanikhola ,Kavre
  • 09-09-2017

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