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Voice for Choice Nepal

Relief Measure Distribution Terai


Voice For Choice Nepal had initiated its first campaign by collecting and distributing the relief measure to the victims of floods during the devastating flood in Terai in 2017 .We had spent our three days for collecting foods ,clothes ,money as well as medicine around the three streets of Kathmandu.


Problems Due to flood:


  • .   People had lost all their foods, clothes as well as shelter during the flood.
  •     People were suffering from different communicable diseases too.


Major Steps of our campaign:


Step 1.

We had organized our meeting with members as well as volunteers about conducting the campaign.


Step 2.

We worked in three streets of Kathmandu valley for collecting foods, clothes and medicines along with money also.


Step 3.

We packed the relief measure for 125 families and went to Rautahat district .


Step 4.

We went to the district administration office to choose the suitable and needy area for relief measure distribution.


Step 5.

We collected the information of the victims and provided them with relief measure.


Step 6.

We distributed the 125 package to 125 family and handover the medicine to the near Health Post.


Monitoring And Analyzing:


It was just 2 days passed from our organization registration date ,however we worked a lot .It was the time of our examination too .Still we were not to stop .The only thing was that Terai was suffering from a huge loss and we helped the people somehow. This was our first campaign and we learnt a lot from this work.










Event Location
  • Rautahat
  • 22-07-2017

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