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Voice for Choice Nepal

Lamishoti School Campaign

Voice For Choice Nepal had established a well-managed library in Narayansthan secondary school, of Okhaldhunga district. We were capable to provide the library with more than 3500 books. The library consists of every types of books. The school had no library before. So, we co-operate with locals and school department for establishing the library.







1.The school did not have any library due to which student were deprived of quality education.


2.Teachers were not able to teach students properly due to lack of books.


Major Steps:



Step 1.


We went to Okhaldhunga district and performed research in 7 schools.


Step 2.


We selected Narayansthan secondary school.


Step 3.


In second follow up, we presented our proposal Narayansthan School and we signed agreement paper there.


Step 4.


We went to Okhaldhunga with books. The school arranged the furniture and we helped in decoration.


Step 5.


We managed the books and hanged different educational materials on the wall.


Step 6.


We invited different guests, local leaders ,teacher and students in the operating ceremony .


Step 7.


Finally we taught student about the uses of library and handover, it to the school administration.


Analysis and monitoring 


From this project, more than 1000 students are directly benefited. Now children can study every types of books there.W e all work hard and finally we do it. This was completed due to the support of social worker Lila Balav Dahal ( kaka), school department and member of voice for choice Nepal (VFCN).The way every member co-operate and work together was really nice .All member has invested their hard labor as well as money for its success.



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  • 06-05-2018

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