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Voice for Choice Nepal

Handicraft skill Training

Voice For Choice Nepal had conducted handicraft and recycle product training to the students of Gyanodwya school Pokhara .We spend two days in Pokhara with our own expenses and teach the children the skill development programs in free of cost. The students of that school were running their school by making the handicraft and selling them. So, we thought that ,our skill training will help them too.



1.The school was at first funded by international donor but it was lacking fund .So, the students were making the handicrafts, selling them and running their school.


Major Steps:


Step 1:

We went to Pokhara and prepared the agreement paper between Gyanodaya School and Voice for Choice Nepal about conducting the program.


Step 2.

We conduct a meeting with our volunteers and members about conducting the program in a efficient way.


Step 3.

We went there, introduced ourselves, and divided students into groups.


Step 4.

We taught them to make watches, pen holders ,vase ,frame , etc  from the newspaper.


Step 5.

We returned to Kathmandu after the memorable farewell from the school children.


Analyzing And Monitoring:

 After our campaign the students of that school promise us that they will day by day involve in such handicraft and recycle product development and use it as the source of income that will help them to run the school easily .In this way the program coordinated by Mr. Madan Dhungana (project head ) was completed in time.


Event Location
  • Pokhara
  • 02-02-2018

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