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Voice for Choice Nepal

Book Collection

Voice For Choice Nepal had introduced a new campaign to collect books from the schools, publications, and stationeries of Kathmandu in order to establish library in rural places of Nepal. We had been to different schools and we co-operated with the students too. We discussed with the student of Kathmandu valley in such a way that they were ready to donate the books which they had already studied,


Major Steps:

Step 1.                                                 

We provided notice to all the schools of Kapan, Kathmandu.


Step 2.

We coordinated with publications and stationery.


Step 3.

We transported the books collected from Schools, publications, and stationery to our office.


Analyzing and Monitoring 


This program has create a positive message to all the students too. Directly or indirectly, we had involved the schools, publications and stationery in social works. Finally we were capable to collect more than 8000 books in just two month of time.



Event Location
  • Kathmandu
  • 05-04-2018

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