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Our Achievements

Since the establishment of Voice For Choice Nepal we are delicately continuing to work in different field and projects to make better society by our own effort which we are doing different efficient project in education, handicraft and recycle product promotion and relief measure distribution to the victims. These are the major factor effecting in the society where poor and ignorance that we want to reduce mainly in the remote area of the country by our prospects.

We have decided to start our work since the establishment and we are doing too. Even we all are bachelors level students however we have been conducting programs every months . With the available minimum resources and personal funding from our members we are changing our society by launching and conducting different programs in sector of education mainly. 

The biggest achievement of Voice For Choice Nepal is the establishment of two libraries in remote village of Okhaldhunga where more than 2000 students are benefited. Not only this we are able to change the education system of several schools.

As mentioned above, since beginning of organization with the minimum resources, we have been able to carry out various activities . We are so grateful to our respected members, individuals ,etc to make these activities comes true.



1.Conducting different programs to search and promote the child skill and relate them to the scientific and creative thinking for the betterment of children.

2.Promoting and starting different educational activities in those remote places where children are deprived of education as well as basic needs.

3. Working for the proper education management for the disabled and street children by co-operating and initiating different campaign.

4. Determinng, search and promote the use and creation of local and Nepalese handicraft and recycle product.

5. Providing the emergency as well as immediate relief measures to the victims during the disasters.

6. Conducting different awareness program and work to search various alternatives to control the increasing foreign employment .

7.Conducting various programs for sanitation , eradication of superstitious thinking and to work for the health related problems too.


The vision are so much clear .We do every works transparently .Our far sight vision is to make educational balance in every areas .

Voice For Choice Nepal had been established with a goal to change the educational system of every corner of Nepal.Our main moto is to improve the system in education for the betterment of children.Not only this we want to establish library in every districts so that student living in every nook and corner can get equal opportunity to get every types of books.

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